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what is this from????im getting really weird nostalgia??? 

I love The Dissolve to death…

but why oh why did their movie of the week this time around be 40 Year Old Virgin? I don’t see what everyone loves about that movie so much which, yes I am using as code for “I do not like this movie, and I am right and people who disagree are wrong.” Usually I try to avoid that kind of arrogant, fallacious reasoning, but I had to sit through a bunch of Appatow’s shit during high school because my friends were in love with him, so you know what? I’ve got a bone to pick. Judd Apatow doesn’t and has never had anything insightful or interesting to say about manchildren, arrested adolescence, or the nerd culture stuff that those things usually go hand in hand with. Get rid of your toys, stop hanging out with your gross weird friends, settle down with a nice woman, have some kids, be a good parent. Holy fucking shit what a goddamn fucking revelation. I am so glad that once he got big he started making unambiguously boring, awful dreck like Funny People and This is 40 so that people could see past the mediocre dick jokes and realize he’s only good at self-satisfied navel-gazing bullshit about well-to-do white straight people with kids getting old.

I have been told he helped give Lena Dunham a leg up in getting her career going, so that’s the only good thing he’s done. Yes I know people don’t like her for a variety of reasons. At least she writes characters with really interesting emotional dynamics.

This would have gone on facebook if I hadn’t turned it off. Whatever.


i promise i’ll never talk about anime again, but holy shit episode 24 of season 1? naru’s cry: nephrite dies for love? holy rollers that is some serious shit

naru kneeling on the ground as the tennis instructor she had fallen in love with is revealed to be a super evil spirit from another world…

They never got to have a chocolate parfait…